The best way to activate the game is by starting to play in a unstructured setting.  On March 11, 2017  we will begin organizing pick-up beach soccer games looking to grow interest for the game in Puerto Rico.   

We will setup a field, provide colored bibs & we will let anyone that shows up play.  This game belongs to all of us & we will take the initiative to kick start it again.

The purpose of this friendly league is to kick start a larger project Beach Soccer Unlimited is working on to bring seasonal beach soccer leagues to the Island.  

The league will start as soon as enough teams have been formed to participate in them.  Teams participating in the league will be asked to have matching uniforms and a minimum roster of 10 players.  Each team will have a home page in the leagues website which will be used to announce league information to the public and will provide all future online infrastructure.

Each league season can be as short as 10 games and as long as 16 games, the season will end with a league cup tournament and the teams will earn points towards the national points title.

Final standings in the seasonal leagues will give teams priority into national & international beach soccer events.  The more activities a team has the more points they can earn thru the year and this will also give them a higher chance to represent the league in international events outside of Puerto Rico.

Working with many international organizations we are inching towards a Caribbean International Series and an USA International Event Series to give our league teams the opportunity to test their strength against other international teams.

A full schedule of the sessions will be posted soon.  Stay tuned for more details.

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