Since 2007 we have been running professional & amateur beach soccer events, but our work began much earlier that that.  In 2005 we began travelling the world and researching what beach soccer looked like in different beaches around the globe.  

We discovered a sport high with energy and fun.  We merged all the key ingredients we found and used that formula to deliver some of the most talked about events in the world.   Top level execution is what we are known for, but behind the scenes we work hand in hand with our host city in order to assure the delivery of an event that earns it's place in the city's calendar.

Events have a great way to bring the show to town, but without an organized league it's often difficult to develop the game and have it become part of the local culture.

Beach Soccer Unlimited specializes in developing national and international event structures that are inclusive and allow for the fusion of sports and tourism.

With our experience on running international events we bring to your city a proven method of delivering an effective event that is adequate to your city's beach soccer level within the boundaries of your support infrastructure.


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