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Player development is a process that takes time & a lot of effort, for a player to transition into beach soccer a lot of dedication must be put in place.

Beach Soccer TrainingBall control is key in the game of soccer, in beach soccer ball control is even more important because we tend to use the aerial game for better ball movement.  Juggling the ball, controlling the ball off the sand and the ability to deliver the ball without it touching the sand will give the play speed & your team a timing advantage in the attack.

Every technical training session must conclude with high speed play.  Utilizing the skills learned will further advance the players domination in the technique, speed of play must always be part of the technical application to the point of technical breakdown.  This is where corrections are made, speed of play is lowered & more focus is demanded.  The improvement graph overtime will not always look like an ascending graph, over a long period of time it will in fact look like it but there will be many downtrends in that compile bad practices, bad days & the rest.

The best way to learn the game is by playing the game.  Gather a bunch of players, setup a field & have someone who can help disseminate the rules of game will get your crew started on the right foot.  To further the learning curve add some technical activities before each game & apply the skills learned.  Many tips can be picked up from Youtube from current beach soccer players that share their training tips, study those videos & make good use of them.

Beach Soccer Unlimited has assembled a series a FREE beach soccer training sessions in which we deliver beach soccer technical skills training, rules of the game, game tactics & we conclude with high speed game of beach soccer.  The goal of this program is build the next generation of amateur/professional trainers that can help spread the game of beach soccer & enjoy the game as well.

Our short term goal is build players that are confident with their game so that we can expose them to international competitions, taking the players to other nations will provide with the travel experience that builds great memories as well as the opportunity to compete against top level teams.  The results of such adventures will be in shortening the time it takes to find success & to find true advocates for the game.

If you are interested on transitioning to the game of beach soccer, send us a message & join us in our our training sessions every saturday in Isla Verde in front of the Wyndam Tryp from 8:30am to 11:30am.

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