Beach Soccer Unlimited is Affiliated & Accredited in Puerto Rico

Beach Soccer Unlimited is happy & proud to make the following announcements:

Federacion Puertoriqueña de Futbol & Departamento de Recreacion y DeportesOn June 9, 2017 Beach Soccer Unlimited officially became an affiliated organization with the Federacion Puertoriqueña de Futbol.  This is a key affiliation for Beach Soccer Unlimited as it provides us with the ability to properly channel the talent we are helping develop in Puerto Rico to the Beach Soccer National team.  This affiliations will also help us work together with the Federacion Puertoriqueña de Futbol in the development & deployment of beach soccer programs in Puerto Rico.  We are extremely happy to this affiliation, this is a small step towards our overarching goal to increase the adoption of beach soccer in the island.  We look forward to building & implementing programs intended to aid in the continued for growth of beach soccer for years to come. 

On the same day of June 9, 2017 Beach Soccer Unlimited became an accredited organization by the Departamento de Recreacion y Deportes which oversees the growth & development of sports across Puerto Rico.  Their main mission is to provide opportunities & access to recreational sports to everyone in the island.  This accreditation recognizes that Beach Soccer Unlimited's work exceeds the requirements needed to be able to deliver sport programs in Puerto Rico. 

We would like to thank everyone that has been involved with our work from day one, we are making good on our promise to do our part to grow beach soccer.  

More affiliation announcements to come soon.  




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